New Features

New to Pack Monday Fair in 2019

Pack Monday Fair 2019 will be bigger and better than ever before! 

A new management team are keen to see the event evolving and celebrating the whole of Sherborne. Efforts this year have been focussed on giving a nod to the history of the event, but with an eye very much on the future.  A wide range of music, shopping and entertainment is in store plus two evenings of entertainment prior to the Monday are now in place.

Indoor exhibition space

Following the success of 2018, Pageant Gardens will play host once again to an indoor exhibition space. The space has enabled a new line of exhibitors to attend the fair, and bring wider interest to the event then ever before.

Weekend nights of Live Music

Friday and Saturday nights before the main event will again see some truly great entertainment come to Sherborne's Pageant Gardens.

A bar and catering facility will be available on both evenings.

Tickets will be on sale by clicking here or by Telephone on 01963 364399