Back Better Than Before

Pack Monday Fair 2019 will be bigger and better than ever before! 

A new management team are keen to see the event evolving to better celebrate Sherborne and the surrounding areas. Efforts this year have been focussed on giving a nod to the history of the event, but with an eye very much on the future.  A wide range of music, shopping and entertainment is in store plus two evenings of entertainment prior to the Monday are now in place.

The weekend and big day itself, will be one to remember in 2019.

OCT 10-14


pack monday fair street

Under New Management

2018 was the first year that this long held event was managed and operated by local company Events Crew. 2019 will see them take the foundations of year one and build further to improve the event for many years to come.


With plans and ambition to reinvigorate and develop Pack Monday for future generations to continue to enjoy, the outlook looks bright for this Sherborne tradition.

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29th Oct 2018

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